Sandstorm – And Then There was Dust

Sandstorm – And Then There Was Dust is an interdisciplinary project that examines the origins and consequences of increasingly frequent sandstorms across Mesopotamia – the border regions between today’s Turkey, Iraq and Iran, close to the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Combining artistic and scientific approaches, the projects aim to reach, sensitise, and support civilian populations living in the affected regions.

In three site-specific artworks, the project explores separate but related ecological issues that lead to and exacerbate the impact of these sandstorms, such as desertification and the destruction of marshes.

These are issues that transcend national borders. In light of a turn towards extreme political views and the increasing radicalisation of nation-states, it is vastly important to remind people that the limits of nation-states do not necessarily align with natural borders. Transnational environmental phenomena such as sandstorms demand international cooperation. With projects realised in three countries, Sandstorm – And Then There Was Dust underscores connectedness as well as the vitality of a collaborative approach.


  • Al-Mashoof by Tehran Platform
  • Green Cornersby Negar Farajiani
  • Uranium Generation by Mahmoud Obaidi


Depo is a space for art, culture and critical debate in the centre of Istanbul that was founded in 2008. Through a programme rich in exhibitions, screenings, panel discussions, workshops and presentations, it focuses on historical and contemporary social issues such as coming to terms with the past, cultural heritage and diversity. It also publishes the online journal Red Thread. Depo is an initiative of Anadolu Kültür, a non-profit cultural institution based in Turkey.

Tehran Platform

Tehran Platform is a design firm based in Tehran. It specializes in multi-disciplinary design and architecture by emerging computational tools, fabrication technologies and material system developments. Tehran Platform pursues experiential design on many scales, from tactile human-machine interactions to urban interventions. In experimenting with novel interaction interfaces and applications, Tehran Platform continually tests the tangible impact of such technologies on today’s societies.

In collaboration with

  • VR Content Production/Media Artist : Behzad Shahravan
  • Anthropologist: Hosein Madani
  • Web Development and Design: Mani Nilchiani
  • Music: Roozbeh Esfandarmazd
  • Graphic design: Studio Melli
  • Assistants: Sarah Moosavinasab, Arghavan Faryadras, Zahra Babaei, Ghazal Jafari

Thanks to

  • Farzad Najafi
  • Mohammad Darwish
  • Mohamadali Yazdani
  • Samaneh Moafi

Commissioned by

Arta Atelier, Berlin (Sarah Maske and Ayat Najafi) in cooperation with Depo, Istanbul; Exhibition: Sandstorm – And Then There Was Dust, curated by Sarah Maske