Pham Thu Hang, Four Men in Bed ...

Pham Thu Hang, Four Men in Bed
Film (9:08 min)
Excerpt from The Future Cries Beneath Our Soil, (95 min), 2018

Surrounded by the surreal landscape of Quang Tri province, four men live their lives inseparably from each other. The rhythm of their everyday lives is defined by moments of togetherness in a house with no doors where they all come to drink, smoke, play guitar and sing songs about love and the revolution of the past. Feelings of hatred interweave with compassion, swelling amidst the stagnation of time and space. Forty years after the end of the Vietnam-American war, explosions still echo through the province of Quang Tri, the historical borderline between North and South Vietnam, site of the heaviest bombing campaign in the history of military warfare. The landscape reveals traces of a war that has outlived its conclusion.