Manual Tools for the Citizen Earth Art Book

In recent years, industrialisation and urbanisation have heavily impacted Vietnam’s environment. Manual Tools for the Citizen Earth Art Book uses art as a mode of education, information and engagement. Instigating dialogues between artists, social activists and the public, the project critiques the causes of environmental change and creates space for critical opinions.

The project focuses on cross-disciplinary collaboration as a way to increase knowledge and raise awareness. Six multidisciplinary artists have collaborated with historians, anthropologists, environmental researchers and educators to explore sites in Northern and Central Vietnam that have been heavily impacted by the climate emergency. The participants chart their finding through collaborative projects that include film, interactive installations, painting, sculpture and hands-on workshops. Through both an exhibition and publication, the artists and their collaborators invite a broader audience to question the structures that threaten Vietnam’s cultural and environmental landscape.

Invited artists:

  • Pham Thu Hang
  • Nguyen Duc Phuong
  • Lac Hoang
  • Tran Thao Mien
  • Le Giang
  • Chi L. Nguyen

Six Space

Six Space is an art hub based in the historical centre of Hanoi, Vietnam. It grew out of Blossom Art House, an artist-run initiative founded in 2013 by the artist Le Giang. As an extension of this cultural education project, Six Space is committed to diverse approaches and perspectives to art and creative practices in Hanoi.

Do Tuong Linh

Do Tuong Linh studied art history at the Vietnam University of Fine Art in Hanoi and Contemporary Arts of Asia and Africa at SOAS University of London. Her areas of research include avant-garde and contemporary art in Vietnam after 1986, international relations between Vietnam and other post-socialist countries as well as between Vietnam and African countries during eras of historical and political turmoil. She is based in Hanoi.

Pham Thu Hang

Director and cinematographer Pham Thu Hang has been a researcher at the Vietnam Institute of Culture and Art in Hanoi since 2004. She belongs to the small but active community of young independent documentary filmmakers in contemporary Vietnam. Her films draw attention to traditional and modern Vietnamese culture in the context of globalization. She is a 2015 graduate of the DocNomads Joint Master Program.