One of the most important results of the project was the emergence of the bodied knowledge, that has emerged from the relationship between the participant’s bodies and the experienced territories. From this emerging knowledge, methods, methodologies, and sensitive models of co-creation came and unfolded in the deep engagement of all the participants.

Together, we got a deep, intensive, and sensitive change into each one, and in our actions to the world.
It was not a big change, but a really important change
, the rupture of what was habit and comfort.
A simple change in our modes of living, respect and care.

To experience new possibilities of engagement, as well as the rupture with habits and patterns culturally based on patriarchal thoughts – control, superiority, exploitation – was important for all the participants: artists, scientists, and the residents of the communities. We have learned individually and collectively, to listen, to feel, to respect and to care for one another.

We have created only one body, breathing together, sweating together, walking together, living together, pulsing together, just one system, just one organism, called Earth.

– Walmeri Ribeiro