Gilberto and the harvester prototype ...

Gilberto and the harvester prototype
“From the previous results, we decided to design another type of mechanism inspired by the shape of the Pennatulacea coral (sea feather). This design optimizes the use of subtle currents to capture food. Thanks to the main lever's length, which transmits oscillatory movements to a bidirectional generator, the energy required for the device is achieved. The mechanical design makes the main structure work like a spine that tilts with the force of water, keeping the tip of the ridge erect. This way, energy can be efficiently acquired.”

Gilberto Esparza/Taller30, Gilberto and the harvester, 2018–2020
Photograph by Leslie San Vicente

Gilberto Esparza/Taller30, Harvester Mockup, 2018–2020
Photograph by Gilberto Esparza