Combining art and technology, Kora-llysis investigates tangible solutions to the severe deterioration of coral reefs caused by increasing water pollution. Modular ceramic structures which function as prostheses are integrated into the damaged reefs. A new colonisation process is sparked when kinetic devices utilising marine currents generate electricity and attract natural organisms such as plankton, algae and barnacle larvae. The humanmade fuses with the natural, integrating with the old reef. What was destroyed and dying is revived; structurally reinforced, a bridge between different species of coral is formed, enhancing biodiversity and growth.

The ultimate ambition is wide-scale coral reef rescue through a viable, scalable device. The process prioritises public discourse and exposure, involving local communities with development, fabrication and testing. By making the prototyping journey public and interactive, Kora-llysis promotes responsible practices and greater sensitivity towards a deteriorating marine ecosystem.

Gilberto Esparza

Gilberto Esparza lives and works in San Miguel de Allende. His work investigates the impact of technology on everyday life through electronic and robotic means. Whether through recycling technological waste or conducting biotech experiments, his practice offers novels ways of addressing and redressing the human footprint on the planet. He is a graduate of the School of Fine Arts at the University of Guanajuato.


In collaboration with:

  • Barro.Co Clay Studio
  • Bruno Monsivais
  • Diego Liedo
  • Diriak Romay
  • Iván Puig Domene
  • Leslie San Vicente
  • Los Senderos
  • Marcela Armas
  • Oskar Vázquez
  • René artisan ceramist
  • Taller30