Radio Saracura: New Ecologies

Aggressive gentrification threatens the São Pauloneighbourhood of Bixiga. Despite efforts to preserve their ecological territories and re-naturalise canalised rivers, traditional communities are vulnerable to expulsion.

Despite the threat of displacement, Bixiga’s Afro-Brazilian and indigenous populations maintain a strong tradition of resistance and creative expression. Together, they continue to cultivate a sensibility, conscience and connection with nature through their ancestral heritage. Radio Saracura, named for the Saracura river that courses beneath the neighbourhood, channels this resilient spirit into conversations, documentary radio podcasts and live music sessions through collaborative programming.

The project engages and celebrates Bixiga’s histories, asking what urban indigenous and Afro-Brazilian modes of knowledge can teach us about alternative ecological ways of being.

Augusto Aneas

Augusto Aneas is an architect, urban planner and a producer at Saracura Radio. He studied architecture and urbanism at the University of São Paulo. His work over the past decade has focused on the interplay between nature, culture, technology and the city. He advocates on behalf of social movements that campaign for more parks and the rewilding of rivers in Brazil’s cities. Aneas lives and works in São Paulo.