Moon Dust

Wadi al-Qamar (“moon valley” in Arabic) in west Alexandria gets its name from the reflections of lunar rays on its vast barley plantations. Older generations remember it as a place of recreation and healing. Today, its 60,000 residents live under a constant cloud of toxic dust emitted by a cement plant. The dangerous emissions cause severe health conditions on the community: sick parents are left incapable of supporting their families; children develop debilitating respiratory illnesses; and the elderly are placed at dire risk.

Moon Dust is a documentary film that sheds light on the grave struggles of the residents of Wadi al Qamar. This emotionally powerful story demands change, not only for this marginalised community but for the countless communities around the world whose health rights are shamelessly violated by unregulated environmental pollution that is the result of unbridled greed.

Mohamed Mahdy

Mohamed Mahdy is a documentary photographer and filmmaker based in Alexandria whose work focuses on unearthing the stories of marginal and oppressed communities in Egypt. He has participated at the 25 Youth Salon at the Ministry of Culture in Egypt, the Paris Biennale and Photoville in New York. In 2018 the New York Times named him one of “12 Emerging Photographers You Should Know.”

In collaboration with:

  • Editor & Colourist: Aya A. Kafy English Translation: Ayam Amin
  • Sound Design: Hisham Attallah Graphic Design: Mohamed Amer,
  • Cinematography: Sief Abdallah, Mohamed Mahdy

  • Arab Documentary Photography Program (ADPP)
  • Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC)
  • Magnum Foundation

Special thanks to the residents of Wadi El Qamar and everyone who took part in this project: Nada Rezq, Laith Majali, Banan Abdelrahman, Abdelrahman Hussien, Mohamed Abdallah, Marihan Al Dawy, Menna Sabahi